Stuff I Use

Am I missing something that you'd like to know? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know. I'd be happy to add anything I might have missed out.


  1. Editor: I use Visual Studio Code Insiders Edition for the awesome community and ecosystem, but I'm still not quite over Vim's awesome keybindings, so I use VSCodeVim to emulate the essential keybindings and a few life-saving plugins.
  2. Terminal Emulator: I use iTerm2 and it works perfectly for me. I've tried to use Hyper multiple times in the past but I keep coming back to iTerm2 for some reason.
  3. Language Server: I use Microsoft's vscode-cpptools as my language server of choice since it pretty much does everything with little to no configuration and just works™️. I used to use cquery and vscode-cquery previously for obvious reasons, but I don't think I need it anymore.


  1. Shell: I use zsh as my default login shell with the oh-my-zsh framework and the bureau prompt.
  2. Color Theme: I have tried so many color themes in the past, but every since the days of Sublime Text 3, I always find myself coming back to Ayu's Mirage flavor. Currently I am using vscode-ayu in VSCode and an Ayu adaptation for iTerm2 for the terminal.